Development of innovative library solutions for different generations in the border region

Short title: Self - Service libraries, LLI-110

European Regional Development Fund financing  497 473.48

Common Territorial challenge/problem:

In order to keep number of visitors to a growing pattern, libraries have to invest in modernization, especially in self-service solutions, that reduces the time librarians have to spend in client servicing. Challenge the modernization brings with it self is to introduce these modern solutions to elderly people.

Overall objective of the project – an improvement of the efficiency of libraries and the customer-oriented approach in library services assuming specifics of different generations of customers living in or visiting a cross border (CB) cooperation area of the project.


Specific objectives:

To improve the efficiency of library services by introducing innovative self-service solutions in public libraries of Jelgava, Liepaja and Siauliai;

To enhance CB cooperation of libraries and their visitors through the development of innovative customer-oriented services appropriate for all generations of visitors.


Main outputs of the project – participating libraries will improve their  efficiency of public services, introduce new solutions and services, enhance capacity and cooperation.


The innovative approach and main benefits from the cooperation:

1. Libraries exchange the knowledge and experience through an introduction of new technologies and solutions

2. Introduction of new self-service solutions

3. Creation of 2innovative services: (1) Learn form each other with knowledge ambassadors; (2) Families interact & learn

4. Strengthening the cooperation with education institutions and more active involvement of the society in the delivery of library services.