JELGAVA City Library

Jelgava City Library is a municipal cultural, educational and informational institution, also, the largest public library in Zemgale (Southern Latvia) with 3 branch libraries. The library creates and maintains Union Catalogue of Jelgava City and County municipal and school libraries, Jelgava Local History database, Jelgava Outstanding Persons database, etc. Jelgava Scientific Library is a consultative and methodological centre for 28 Jelgava County and Ozolnieki County municipal libraries, regional training centre with computerized premises, and interlibrary loans centre of Zemgale region.

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Total cost of the project  585 262.94 euro, to Jelgava City Library – 263 449.92 euro, including European Regional Development Fund financing (ERDF) 223 932.43 euro (85%).

Liepaja Central Scientific Library

Liepaja Central Scientific Library (LCSL) is a public library of Liepaja City. It has 5 branches and one of these branches is a library for children. LSL also works as the consultative and methodological development centre for 37 and 2 external customer service centres of public libraries from neighbouring municipalities.

In LCSL the Regional Training Centre (RTC) were established with one stationary computer class. Moreover to ensure better accessibility of library education services, one mobile computer class have been created to serve for the customers of neighbouring municipalities. RTC implements different education programmes and other capacity building initiatives for employees of LCSL and other public libraries of neighbouring municipalities within Kurzeme region, employees of museums and local education institutions, pupils of local schools and other visitors of LSL.

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Total cost of the project  585 262.94 euro, to Liepaja Central Scientific Library– 99 169.34 euro, including European Regional Development Fund financing (ERDF) 84 293.93 euro (85%).

Siauliai City Municipality public library

Siauliai City Municipality Public library is a cultural, educational and informational institution available to every user. It organizes citizens‘ reading and information services.

Aims and goals of the library:

  • ensure quick and wide access to information;
  • implement new technologies and to better supply users and staff with computerized workstations;
  • give an opportunity to freely access internet, electronic catalogues and databases;
  • render special services to purpose user groups;
  • organize book, author, reading and other cultural events, preserve local lore and cultural heritage;
  • raise qualification of the library staff;
  • cooperate with cultural and educational institutions of the city and country.

Library staff consists of 59 library workers, 44 of whom are professional librarians. The library accumulates a universal stock taking into consideration municipality‘s historical traditions, economical and cultural development, demographic situation and users‘ needs, paying special attention to classical literature and informational publications.

The library is a member of the Association of Lithuanian Municipality Public Libraries. It is also a member of the Lithuanian Integral Libraries Information System (LIBIS).

The library serves 10928 readers. Anually over 196 524 users frequent the library. The stock of 214 528 items is at their service to fulfill information and cultural needs. Subsribes to 41 titles of periodical publications.

The library is equipped with 117 computerized workstations, 64 of them are meant for users.

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Total cost of the project  585 262.94 euro, to Siauliai City Municipality Public library – 222 643.68 euro, including European Regional Development Fund financing (ERDF) 189 247.12 euro (85%).