After introduction of new technologies and services, exchanging experience and piloting new solutions/ approaches all partner organisation has been prepared common strategic documents on further development. All partner organisations was developed strategic guidelines on the diversification and the application of innovate library services/ solutions/ approaches for different groups of customers of generations. As well as action/ marketing plan how to promote new services of libraries and attract new customer for theses services. After the piloting of self- service systems and solution in all partnering libraries, there has been an analyses prepared on the best practices, solutions and approaches introduced, lessons learned in partnering libraries.

"Innovative library services, methods and solutions for different customer groups" - STRATEGIC GUIDELINES

This document has been prepared by Siauliai City Municipality Public Library.

The aim of this publication is to share the good practice and innovative methods introduced, that can be implemented by other public libraries.

Guidelines on the diversification and application of the innovative library services/ solutions are targeted to librarians and libraries (in particular, project partners and other libraries in future). Most of libraries and librarians have their traditional view on the library services and the way they work with the visitors of the libraries. When libraries develop new innovative services and widen the area and range of services, they shall change or improve their internal work, procedures, and attitude and general way of working. Having all those technical and information resources, municipal libraries become as active promoters of economic growth, social welfare, learning and information centre in a local municipality. Libraries become places for incubating community innovation, co – creation and engagement in culture and knowledge. Librarian shall understand that their traditional approach of work shall change to more active persons selling and promoting new innovative services, interacting with visitors, learning about their changing needs, and developing new services and successfully implementing them with obtaining new knowledge. These guidelines shall give insight and precise way of future working and changing the internal environment and services in libraries. There are certain challenges for the librarians to work on – to change attitude and working style from “book – oriented” to “customer oriented” service approach.


"Marketing action plan on how to promote new services of libraries and attract new customers for theses services"

This document has been prepared by Liepaja Central Scientific Library

Marketing is the ongoing process of creating a connection between the library and its users. Research is a key element of marketing. Librarians must match what the library offers with what users want and need. Then, the library must demonstrate its value in meeting a customer’s need to continue the cycle.

Effective marketing requires careful planning, creative approaches, and focused strategies. Librarians must think beyond traditional methods of recruiting non-traditional clients and nurturing existing users. The successful implementation of Marketing action plan will dramatically increase library role significance in community daily life.


"Change for the future - Assessing the library services" - Ex-post analyses on the best approaches of the introduction of the self-service solutions and new services in cross border libraries - Jelgava - Liepaja - Siauliai

This document has been prepared by Jelgava City Library

The main aim of this analyses is to assess the practices of the introduction of the self-service solutions and new services partnering libraries, as well as to explore good practices and new ideas for further development of self-service solutions and services of public libraries. The development process of this analyses was based on the following main tasks representing main sections of the evaluation report. First task is forced on the analyses of the existing experience of partnering libraries in developing and introducing new solutions and services, further vision and strategic objectives related to the design of new services, in particular, using and providing self-service solutions. The second task was to analyze and asses the new solutions and services developed and introduced during this project. The third task foresee the collection of the best experience and good practices in the development of new and innovative services in the public libraries, with a special interest to identify the approaches regarding the self-service libraries. The fourth task shall summarize the conclusions, best practices and provide recommendations for further development of new and innovative self- service solutions and services in partnering libraries.


*This documents has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this documents are the sole responsibility of all project partners (Jelgava City Library, Siauliai City Municipality Public Library, Liepaja Centras scientific library) and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the European Union.

The total project funding ERDF is 497 473, 48 EUR.